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The Geography of Emotion (12x12)

Well Loved (30x30)

Beginning Again (36x48)

Therein Lies the Myststery (12x12)

Go With the Flow (20x24)

Ecologia 1 (12x12)

Ecologia 2 (12x12)

River Rocks (24x36)

Line and Form (12x12)

What Comes Through (16x12)

Mementos (24x24)

Bloodlines (24x24)

Push and Pull (36x24)

Collection (48x60)

Prodigal (24x24)

Subliminal (12x12)

The Weight of a Feather

Seeds from Aleppo (14x11)

Weathered and Worn (30" x 40")

Chasm (36x24)

Relic 1 (12x12)

Relic 2 (12x12)

Relic 3 (12x12)

Relic 4 (12x12)