My colorful work is inspired by the creatures, patterns, and systems of the natural world. Ecology, after all, is the study of organisms in relationship to each other and their surroundings. This is what I express in my paintings.

I make layers of marks on wood panels using oil paint, cold wax medium, oil sticks, graphite, and paper. Through this process I build up texture, color, and depth, and I tend to use palette knives, squeegees, and rollers rather than brushes. I continually add and scratch away layers, and the painting becomes as much about the process of obscuring and revealing as about the final image.

A long-time resident of Durham, NC, I am a co-founder of Pleiades Arts, Inc., a nonprofit, community-based arts organization, where you can see my artwork in person.

My background in environmental science and my years of work with The Nature Conservancy informs my art and shows in my affinity for trees, water, birds and other animals, and the rest of the living world.